Sound Spot, An Elegantly Retro Bluetooth Speaker



I got talking to an old man with a long beard yesterday. It was almost down to his jewel-studded belt. And he told me that “back in the day,” “where he comes from,” gentlemen would try to fill their living rooms with ugly black and silver boxes covered with flashing and pulsing lamps. They’d lay rope-like cables around the rooms of their homes, and the “coffee table” – as he called it – would be covered with smaller, button-covered boxes.

These gentlemen would argue with their ladies, who “just wanted to relax and watch a bit of TV for God’s sake WHATS WRONG WITH YOU.”

“Back in the day” was of course “the 1980s and 1990s,” and these boxes were stereo and home theater gear. Now we live in an enlightened age where these things are as beautifully integrated into our homes as, well, as baskets of potpourri, I guess.

Just like the Sound Spot.

The Sound Spot is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker with a fetching “mid-century design inspiration.” That is, it looks like the speaker Don Draper might have had, if he’s had a Bluetooth phone to pair it with. It even has the ultimate in retro touches: a tone control.

Up top are the usual control buttons, and around the back you’ll find the aforementioned tone, plus lines in and out and a full-sized USB port for letting the Sound Spot charge your phone.

How much for this handsome piece of home decor? Just $70, which leads me to worry a little about its sound quality.

Nevertheless, you can’t argue that it isn’t better looking than a stack of 1980s stereo separates. Or worse – a midi system.


Source: Soundfreaq

  • jjmatt

    I would be interested in getting your impressions of the sound quality. Did you test the product in real life? Your review leads me to believe that you did not have an actual product to review.