Camera+ Gets Major Update With New Filter Packs, Layered Effects


So many new filters, it's hard to choose.
So many new filters, it's hard to choose.

Developer tap tap tap just announced the details on its latest Camera+ update for iPhone and iPad. The folks behind one of the best camera app replacements out there add the ability to layer effects in editing, letting you quickly and easily add and remove a multitude of effects per photo, stacking and re-arranging the order of the effects to attain your own unique look and style.

If you’re not into doing all the micromanagement, Camera+ is also releasing two new filter packs.

The layering effects will work with a dynamic preview, letting you fine-tune your image at the same time as you see the results of your tweaking. You’ll be able to move effects layers around and adjust the intensity of each filter on its own, as well.

The Hollywood FX pack has nine all-new effects, available altogether as a $0.99 in-app purchase, each inspired from movies and TV shows. The effects have names like Neo, Silent Movie, Enterprise, and Gotham, just to name a few. That should give you a good sense of what the packs will help your photos look like.

Guess what this filter is called?
Guess what this filter is called?

Camera+ makes your iPhone work much more like a professional camera, with touch exposure and focus settings, different shooting and scene modes, a digital zoom, front flash capability, a level for the horizon, and much more. The Clarity image processing feature alone is worth the price of admission, making bad photos better and good photos great.

With the new ability to layer any of the current effects you have, plus the available extra effects packs, this is a worthwhile and free upgrade for all Camera+ users. Give it a download, and let us know what you think.

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