Goal Zero Builds A Tent With Rooftop Solar Panels And An iPhone-Charging Lantern




You know how camping is all about roughing it and rusticity? Forget it. Goal Zero teamed up with Eddie Bauer to design a solar-powered tent.

The Katabatic 2 — we presume, as with most tents, the numeral indicates how any people it sleeps — is designed to support one of Goal Zero’s large, weather-resistant, 18-watt monocrystaline solar panel on its roof. Campers can then siphon power from the panel to charge batteries — or Goal Zero’s other new solar gizmo, the iPhone-charging Lighthouse250 LED lantern.

As you might have gathered from its name, the Lighthouse250 can pump out 250 lumens, which is pretty high up there in terms of brightness for a lantern; even more impressive is that Goal Zero says it can maintain that output for 48 hours on a single charge. It even doubles as a USB charger for mobile devices (though obviously the light’s run time will suffer).

Nothing said about how much either will cost or when you’ll be able to get your hands on them. Mosey over to the press release, if you like.

The Lighthouse250 on the left, the Katabatic 2’s rooftop solar panel on the right.

Source: Goal Zero