Sick Of All The Talk? Delete An Entire Podcast Right From Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


delete podcasts

Yesterday, I told you how to delete podcast episodes from your iOS device, which lets you manage how much stuff you’re carrying around on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Today, I got an email from Justin P, who said,

Thanks for the tips on deleting individual episodes of a podcast. However how do you remove the entire podcast icon from ‘my podcasts’ ? Tried unsubscribe but that doesn’t work. If you could let me know that would be great.

It’s a good point, Justin, so I did a little poking around in the Podcast app and figured it out.

First up, you’ll need to launch the Podcasts app on your iOS device. You may need to pull down on the display when in the icon mode to see the Search field. Just to the left, there’s an Edit button. Tap it, whether you’re in icon or list mode.

When in icon mode (big square podcast icons), tapping the Edit button will show iOS-style X boxes in the upper left corner of each podcast icon. Tap the X on the podcast you’d like to delete. That’s all you have to do.

In list mode, you’ll see a column of red circles with a dash in them to the left. Tap the red circle next to the podcast you want to get rid of, and then hit the Delete button that appears to the right. Boom, baby! All gone.

Now Justin (and the rest of us) can clean up our Podcast app up without any trouble at all.

If you have a tip, or a question about how to do something in iOS, feel free to hit me up via email or Twitter at @cultofmac.