Super Slimline Canvas Satchel Sized For iPad



I’m a sucker for satchels. And with this beautiful canvas Mission Rucksack from Toffee, I can be a seersucker for satchels, because it also has a beautiful blue and white pinstripe lining.

I know what your asking yourself. You’re asking whether I really decided to write up this bag just so I could use that lame, alliterative gag about seersucking satchels. And the answer is yes. But the bag’s pretty cool anyway, right?

The Mission Rucksack (which isn’t a rucksack, nor made by Mission Workshop) is a shrunken-down, iPad sized version of the classic two-pocket bag design beloved of nerds and dorks of years gone by. It’s also slim (50mm or around two inches) and comes with leather trim and a detachable strap. There’s not much more to it than that, and nor does there need to be: simple and lightweight are two great features in a bag.

If you want one, it’ll cost you $100, which isn’t bad as iPad sacks go. Available now.

Source: Toffee Cases
Thanks: Sarah!