Apple Is Already Uploading iOS 7 Beta 4 Builds To Their Servers



In case you had any doubt that iOS 7 Beta 4 was dropping today (probably around 10AM Pacific time), Apple has already uploaded at least one build of Beta 4 to the Developer Center: specifically, for the AT&T iPhone 5 with a build number of 11a4435d. The Verizon iPhone 5 also has a related download.

You can’t download these betas yet — instead, you just get a “session expired” message — but all that means is Apple hasn’t “turned on” the download yet. So start your engines, gentlemen: iOS 7 Beta 4 is coming.

Via: Redmond Pie

  • Harold Kelly

    just saw it show up on my iPhone 5 as OTA!

  • Jason Anthony W

    Downloading on my iPhone 5 right now.