Wunderlist Gets Tags, File Attachments And Proper Search



Wunderlist v2.2 adds two big new features to the rather beautiful cross-platform todo app; one great improvement and a slew of fixes. And it might even change how you use the app.

First up is file attachments. If you sign up for a $5-per-month pro account, you can now attach files to both the Mac and iOS versions of Wunderlist (and probably the Windows and DOS 1 versions too – I haven’t bothered to look because, really, who cares?). These shared files will also propagate between your machines, and if you use Wunderlist Pro to share tasks with your workmates, they’ll get them too.

The other big new feature is tagging. Add a #tagged word to a task’s title and it’ll turn blue. Click this blue link to see a list of all files tagged the same way. I love this feature: not so much because I’m going to use it, but because it is so simple to use. And remember, if you send tasks to Wunderlist via e-mail you should be able to include tags in the subject line.

The improvement is in search, which “now includes matches in Subtasks, Notes, Files and Tags.”

I have recently ditched Omnifocus for being too lumbering and way too slow to sync. I am currently using a combo of Gmail labels and the Reminders app to replace it, but Wunderlist might be worth another look.

Source: Mac App Store

  1. I know. This was a joke. ↩