Range Is A Smart Kitchen Thermometer That Works With Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



Supermechanical, the startup behind Twine, has a new Kickstarter campaign for a smart kitchen thermometer called Range. The device plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack and helps you cook by telling the temperature and creating recipe graphs. It looks like a cool product, and it has 34 more days to reach its $90,000 goal.

By directly interfacing with the iPhone through the headphone jack, Range can give exact temperature readouts. Push alerts can be sent to an iPhone for when a desired temperature is reached. Supermechanical will include presets for the less experienced cooks out there.

“There’s nothing out there that feels as good as our other kitchen tools,” says Supermechanical. “We’ve seen a lot of creaky plastic gadgets and UIs that unimaginatively copy analog thermometers. We wanted to design something that belongs in the jar with your other kitchen utensils. No batteries or wireless troubleshooting, and a durable silicone clip-on handle. Range is a tool, and tools disappear into the task.”

For creating recipes, Range tracks temperature readouts over time and lets you log and share them.


There are two hardware options: the Aqua Range and Ember Range. The Aqua model has a 6-inch rounded probe and a 3-foot cord and is designed for things like beer brewing and cheese making. The Ember model has a 2-inch pointed probe and a 4-foot cord and is designed for cooking meat. Both cost $49.

If funding goes as planned, Supermechanical plans to have Range units shipped in time for the holidays.

Source: Kickstarter

  • theobserving

    Shut up and take my money.

    Though I would be more interested if it worked wirelessly, so I didn’t have to leave my phone/pad in the kitchen.