Crowsflight Is Just About The Simplest Way To Not Get Lost



You know those trackers you see in movies, the ones that beep and point to wherever you should be going? Heroes and villains alike use them to track bags of stolen money, and space marines use them to avoid aliens.

Now you can use one to get, well, to get wherever it is you want to go. The app is called Crowsflight, and it is just about as simple as navigation apps can get.

Load in a destination and the app uses GPS and the iPhone’s compass to tell you which direction you should go in. You can also seach for places and the results are presented in order of distance, and there’s a map view if you want to see what else is around you.

One great use for Crowsflight is when you’re on vacation. You can load in all the places you plan to go in a day and the app will guide you to them, one by one, without a cellular connection. It’ll even tell you how far away you are. It’s way better than pulling out a crappy tourist map every five minutes.

Also, the music in the demo video is pretty great.

Crowsflight is available now, for free.

Source: Crowsflight
Via: Mac Stories