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Everpix Adds Support For Mosaic Photo Books



Everpix – already the best slightly-confusing service for keeping all your photos ever in one place – has updated to add support for Mosaic. And lest you – like me at 2AM this morning – go searching through the app’s settings to find some cool new grid view, let me tell you now that Mosaic is a separate service for printing photo books.

To recap: Everpix is an app/service that sucks up all of your photos from every source, from your camera roll to Gmail to Dropbox to plain old folders on your Mac and makes them available to you via an app. It also categorizes the pictures, and sorts out the cruft from the keepers. You can create online albums or mail photos to people, and now you can turn them into beautiful photo books.

Mosaic’s gimmick is that the cover has a grid of holes cut into it through which you can peek your photos. It’s also dead easy to use and understand: a Mosaic will cost you $20, and that’s it. Neat, huh?

If you’re still waiting to try out Everpix, get to it now. It’s free of you only want access to the last 12 months of your photos, and there are paid plans for unlimited storage.

Source: Everpix Blog
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