Apple Wins Best Tablet, Mobile Phone, and Computer Brand Of The Year. Again.


Yep! All. Three. Categories.
Yep! All. Three. Categories.

Market research firm Harris Interactive conducts a fairly extensive poll each year in the area of consumer electronic brands. This year, Apple again took the top spot in three major categories, named the best brand of tablet, computer, and mobile phone. The iPad, Mac, and iPhone scored the best across an array of specific brand markers, like brand recognition, emotional response to the brand, and purchasing consideration.

The survey measured the perceptions of over 38,500 US consumers across more than 1,500 brands in over 155 categories. Whew. Apple blew past the competition, which included HP, Dell, and Sony in the computer category, as well as Google and Samsung in the tablet category. Apple also won the top brand spot over HTC, Samsung, and LG in the mobile phone category.

“Americans continue to give Apple brands strong ratings,” said senior vice president Manny Flores in a statement. “And while their Consumer Connection scores are strong within their respective categories, what really stands out is that in all three of the categories Apple brands are measured – Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone – its Brand Momentum scores are in the top 30 of all 1,500 brands evaluated in the study, showing that consumers see this as a brand of the future.”

HP did win the best printer category, while topped the list as the best computer retailer. Verizon won best mobile network and best pre-paid mobile carrier in the poll, beating out AT&T and TracPhone (in the second category).

Now, of course, we all know why the stock is behaving so poorly: Apple is making its customers pretty darn happy.

Source: PR Newswire
Via: The Loop

  • i_phone

    If I was given this survey, I would also be giving Apple strong ratings. Satisfied customer right here.

  • FesterinKadaver

    I bet the survey was done I a room full of Apple fans.

  • rammo123

    I bet the survey was done I a room full of Apple fans.

    . With 35,800 people? That’s an effing huge room.

  • Paul Burt

    I gave Apple very strong ratings when I took it. No consumer electronics brand is better!

  • lwdesign1

    Yup, which all goes to prove that the stock value has nothing whatsoever to do with Apple’s sales, huge popularity and immensely satisfied customer base. In fact, the vast majority of the negative crud you read in magazines and newspapers like Forbes, Business Week and the NY Times about Apple is paid for by competitors hoping to knock Apple off its lofty perch to allow their products to get a sale or two. I love that the size of the survey (35,800) is large enough to make it statistically relevant. With that many people involved, it’s hard to argue that it was merely a PR-motivated survey weighted in Apple’s favor.

    It’s refreshing to see that the buying public hasn’t been paying any attention to all the “Apple is dead” flapdoodle that’s been increasingly oozing out of so many media outlets, and out from under the fingers and keyboards of so many “analysts” and “pundits” of late. Fortunately, iPhone, iPad and Mac users trust their own experiences with Apple products instead of some horsehockey articles designed to scare off investors.

  • iSteve

    As I always said Apple is not just a brand but a religion based on trust and loyalty bonded with emotions.

    Thanks a lot Steve for making me part of the religion.

  • cflorez6768

    apple is a Religion, not just a product or a mere instrument to get us by everday. We depend on these machines every day, We live and breathe apple product. Hooraaa for Apple products