Love Your Furniture More Than You Love Your Kids? Then Buy This Desk Protector



If there’s one thing in your office that is likely immune to spills and dirt its the surface of your desk. Likely made from foil-covered MDF, or – if you’re fancy – from polished hardwood or glass or steel, the tough worktop will shrug of stains and liquids without even noticing them.

But if your “workstation” consists of a couple of upturned cardboard boxes, then Satechi’s waterproof faux-leather Desk Mat & Mate may be for you.

My desk is an old cast-iron sewing-machine stand with a slab of marble on top. It looks gorgeous, is tough as old boots and is easy to clean. It is also icy cold in winter, so I use one of those gridded green cutting mats to insulate my poor wrists from the stone-cold stone. And it looks like the Desk Mat & Mate would do the same job, only for more money ($35) and without actually being good for cutting (something I do surprisingly often).

Then again, the Desk Mat & Mate does come in a kaleidoscope of colors, not just green, and can be twisted into a funnel shape to quickly dump debris into the trash.

If you’re the kind of person who has kids and then spends the next 15 years trying to protect their fancy furniture instead of letting the monsters play, then you might consider a few of these to protect soft, porous surfaces. Or you could just send the kids off to boarding school, because you obviously hate them anyway.

Source: Satechi
Thanks: Valerie!

  • gibear2k5

    While it is very hard to get excited about a desk mat, this is by far the best desk mat I’ve ever used PERIOD!!! My desk mat and mate arrived yesterday and it fits my iMac’s bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and trackpad perfectly. The mouse glides smoothly over the surface with great precision and both the keyboard and trackpad stay securely in place without sliding all over the place. Highly recommend….even my lovely wife purchased a pink one after using mine for her office…