Users More Likely To Share Web Content Via Their iPhone Than Any Other Mobile Device


iPhone Most Social

ShareThis, the popular content sharing button on many websites, reported a study in which user patterns suggest that the iPhone is the “Most Social Device,” accounting for three times as much sharing as from the desktop, and up to one and a half times as much sharing as any other mobile platform.

In addition, the study found that Facebook is the social network shared to the most, with 60 percent of the mobile sharing going to the big blue website. Twitter and Pinterest, interestingly, are the next two most shared to networks.

Folks that use an iPad tend to share more to Pinterest, what with its larger screen and perhaps more visual activity set, while those using iPhone share more on Facebook. The top shared content categories on Facebook for iPhone users include things like Family & Parenting, Health, Technology, and Government, according to the report. Food & Drink, Fashion & Beauty, and Home & Garden top the most shared content categories on Pinterest for iPad, which accounts for 50 percent of the sharing activity on the bigger iOS device.

In addition to device type, the time of day also seems to have an affect on sharing patterns, as well. On the desktop, at least, people tend to share from the early morning, hitting a high between 9 am and 3 pm. After this time, there’s a lull until around 5 pm, after which the desktop sharing gets more hectic, not slowing down again until after 8 pm.

Source: ShareThis Blog