Swedes invade One Infinite Loop in search of Steve Jobs



The App Store approval process might be editorially cryptic, but it is, at least, pretty straightforward: you submit your app to Apple, wait a few weeks, and then get back your yea or nay. Apparently, though, this timely process does not accurately reflect the pressing urgency of millions of translucent-skinned and lanugo-haired Scandinavians, waiting for Apple to approve SVT Play, an app that would allow them to stream Swedish public television to their iPhones and iPod Touches.

Instead, the Swedes have stormed the Apple campus at One Infinite Loop and are threatening to camp out until Steve Jobs personally approves their app.

The SVT Play team’s passionate appeal to Jobs, courtesy of their website:

Dear Steve Jobs,

We at SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) would like to ask you a favor. Below is a description of our SVT Play application. And to the right you can see all the Swedes who are eagerly awaiting its approval. So please Steve, hurry up and approve our app.

We have tried to simplify the approval process as much as possible for you. Just press the green button below and record a video of yourself saying “JA” (that’s “yes” in Swedish, pronounced “yah”).

Come on, Steve, Sweden is waiting. Say JA!

I tend to doubt stalking Jobs is going to get this app approved any faster, but as publicity — the protest’s primary intent — it’s certainly effective.