S.F. District Attorney Says He’s Pleased With iOS 7 Activation Lock



One of Apple’s biggest antagonist regarding smartphone theft says that he’s pretty happy with the improved security features of iOS 7.

After announcing his efforts last week to test Apple’s new security lock, San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón says that Apple’s Activation Lock is a “clear improvement” over previous solutions aimed at deterring thieves from stealing smartphones. 

Here’s Gacón’s praise on Apple according to the SF Examiner:

“I’m very optimistic that they came and were willing to share their technology with us,” Gascón said, adding that Microsoft and Google have yet to come forward with anti-theft solutions.”

Last week, Apple and Samsung brought test devices to the D.A.’s office to be reviewed by technical experts. The review team tested Apple’s Activation Lock and Samsung’s Lojack for Android.

If thieves don’t find a way around Activation Lock, it could cut back on smartphone theft, which is what Gacón and NY’s Attorney General have been pushing for months.  Activation Lock in iOS 7 functions as an essential kill switch when activated. An iPhone under Activation Lock can only be reactivated by entering the Apple ID and password of the account it is originally synced to, even if a thief tries to wipe it.

Source: SF Examiner