Think You Can Do Better Than Jony? Then Redesign iOS7 Yourself



It’s likely that your reactionary knee-jerk hatred of iOS7’s sweet new look has worn off by now, just like you’re still using Instagram and you haven’t yet actually quit Facebook (although you totally will any day now). But if you’re like our own Killian Bell, who just this second described iOS7 as “looking like the walls of a crack house after a drug-fueled makeover,” then you might want to take a look at this web app, which lets you redesign iOS7 yourself.

The above illustration was made for Killian, a man who so enjoys living in the past that he forces his kids to “enjoy” a Victorian Christmas every year, complete with itchy woolen shirts and period-correct gifts. Just last year they received a wooden abacus and a real ostrich egg, which actually hatched on Boxing Day and attacked a baby.

The iOS designer lets you choose the icons, the background wallpaper, the typeface an color of the text, the shape of the home-screen icons and the type and depth of drop-shadows used. And while the wallpapers have Apple-related names (Mac, Mini, Newton), the actual pictures aren’t quite what you’re expecting (my favorite is “Logic Pro”).

Go try it out. I’m sure you can do way better than Jony Ive. And it won’t take you seven months to do it.

Source: Us vs Th3m
Via: Mac Drifter

  • gettysburg11s

    Pretty interesting, but I happen to like the re-design, and more importantly, the changes under the hood, which will open up tons of new API’s for developers. The user facing changes are cool, no doubt, but I think developers will (as of iOS7) be able to do so much more with their apps.