Brolly, The Umbrella That Lets You Text In The Rain



It might be hard to remember during this absurdly hot summer, but there’s this thing called rain. And rain hates gadgets. Or rather, it seems to love gadgets, but they hate it. The obvious answer is an umbrella, but then you have to kind of squeeze its shaft between your shoulder and your ear so you can use both hands to operate your camera/iPhone/iPad.

What you need is the Brolly umbrella.

The Brolly’s handle has four finger holes so you can grip it and hold onto your iPhone at the same time. It looks a lot they put a set of brass knuckles onto the end of the handle, only it’s not really as dangerous. Unless you use it while walking along a rain-slicked street I guess, where you will wander blindly through vision-limiting rain, a nylon canopy stretched over your head further blocking your line of site.

Worse, you’ll be staring at the screen of your phone as you slip and fall into the road, in front of a car than can’t stop on the slippery asphalt.

Or you could just keep your iPhone in your bag or pocket until you reach sheltered safety. After all, do you really need to be staring at a screen all the damn time?

You do? Then you can buy one of these Brollies (“the first rain umbrella that enables you to text/e-mail in the rain”) for just $20.

Source: Brollytime
Via: PetaPixel

  • churchyfur

    That’s “line of sight,” unless you’re making a labored pun.

  • joewaylo

    And if you intend to punch somebody, detatch the umbrella pole from the brass knuckles at the handle.

  • Stuka_UK

    I’m gonna design a rain hat with a curved stick coming out the top and dangling the iPhone in the perfect position for you to see and use. Hell, I’ll even make a tiny brolley to keep the rain of the phone….. I’ll be rich from this idea!… Hey, you lot had better not nick it from me.