SanDisk’s New Thumb Drives Have Built-In Wi-Fi



USB thumb drives are fast becoming useless, simply because we have nothing to plug them into. I used to get excited when PR folks gave me a 1GB stick instead of a DVD containing their press info, but how am I supposed to stick it into my iPad?

SanDisk’s new Connect Wireless Flash Drive fixes that. It’s a 16GB or 32GB thumb drive, only it has a Wi-Fi radio inside

Th most extraordinary thing about this is the price: $50 or $60 depending on capacity. It has a built in battery that will let it stream video for up to four hours, and you can browse its contents from your iOS (or Android) device using a companion app.

I like it for a few reasons. One is that you can just grab stuff from a friend’s computer and use it later on your iPad. Currently adding music, photos or movies from a computer that isn’t known by your iDevice is all but impossible. Now I can just slurp a TV series out of a PC and have it ready to watch on an iPad.

Also, it’s USB, so while four hours might not be much os a battery life, you can stick it into any USB charger, or even an external backup battery and use it for hours.

The Connect Wireless Flash Drive can connect to up to eight devices simultaneously, and stream to three. It’ll be available soon, from all the usual places.

Source: SanDisk

Via: DP Review