The Cambridge Camera Bag Is The Camera Bag Harry Potter Would Have Used



This is the Cambridge Camera Bag, and it is supposedly inspired by the schoolbags of English children. Perhaps this was the case in past years, when only the privileged offspring of royalty and wealthy industrialists attended school, because these days English schoolkids drag their crap around in the same battered Eastpak backpacks as anyone else.

Not that this makes the Cambridge Camera Bag any less desirable. Quite the opposite, in fact, if you’ve ever met a genuine English hooligan.

The style is old-school, but the bag is modern. It’s ultra-light, yet padded enough to offer protection to carry a DSLR, a flash and up to three lenses, plus other crap stowed in the pockets. The annoying-looking fastenings on the front are in fact disguises for simple clips, the strap is adjustable from 34 to 60 inches, and the bag measures 13 x 6 x 8 inches.

It’s also water resistant and comes in hot, hot cherry red.

I would already have ordered one, but I just took delivery of a new small Zero Messenger from Rickshaw Bags, finished in hot red sailcloth and with custom-added snap-closures for safer biking. It’s awesome, and right now its enough to stop me dropping another $110 on this sweet Cambridge Camera Bag from Photojojo.

Source: Photojojo