Show Something From The Recent Items Menu Without Opening It [OS X Tips]


Recent Items Menu

Sometimes, when using the Recent Items feature of the Apple menu, you might like to find a specific file or app without opening it. Maybe you just want to find it, and then copy it or move it to a different drive, or email it to a friend.

It’s super simple, and it works in both Mountain Lion and the new OS X Mavericks beta, as well.

Move your mouse cursor up to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your Mac’s screen, and click there. Now, move the cursor down to Recent Items. The list of recent Applications and Documents you’ve used will appear to the right.

Hit the Command key on your keyboard to activate the “Show in Finder” feature. Each application and document in this Recent list will now say, Show APPNAME/DOCUMENT in Finder. Keeping the Command key held down, click on the item you want to see, which will then open a Finder window that contains that item.

Now you can do what you want with that document or application, whether you want to copy, duplicate, mail, or trash. It’s a great way to find stuff you’ve recently used, without having to resort to the Find command or Spotlight.

Via: Macworld Hints