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Apple Could Have Sold 32+ Million iPhones Last Quarter



Earlier today, we learned that Verizon actually sold a lot more iPhones last quarter than anyone expected, and now it looks like Apple might also be able to say the same. In fact, a Morgan Stanley analyst is now saying that her supply chain checks say Apple will beat their guidance this quarter by a sizable margin.

The industry has been fairly skeptical that Apple will sell about 26.5 million iPhones this quarter. But Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says she thinks this is a low-ball number. In fact, she said her data shows that something between 29 million and 32 million iPhones were sold in Q2.

Writes Huberty, “Even if we assume all iPhones above our 26 million model are the cheapest iPhone 4 at a $50 discount, the higher shipments imply total revenue north of $36 billion. That’s above both Apple’s guidance range of $33.5 billion to $35.5 billion for quarter and market consensus of $35.1 billion.”

Those are good numbers, considering that everyone believes iPhone growth to be slowing. Imagine what those numbers will be when the so-called budget iPhone, or iPhone Lite, hit the market.

Via: All Things D