Was iOS 7’s Lock Screen Redesigned For The iPhone 5S’s Fingerprint Sensor?



Here’s an interesting patent. While hype and rumor has suggested that when Apple introduces a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S, it’ll be placed under the home button, Apple’s actually patented something much different: technology that would allow an iPhone to detect your fingerprint just by pressing your finger against the screen.

This makes a lot of sense. Not only is it a more elegant place to put a fingerprint sensor — and Apple loves elegance — but it explains the redesigned iOS 7 lock screen, and the way ‘Slide to Unlock’ has been de-emphasized. We’ll see!

Source: Patently Apple

  • Market_Mayhem

    I sure hope Apple has some patents in place to thwart Samsung from immediately reverse-engineering it. Apple keeps getting dumped on by Samsung and the courts sure aren’t helping Apple at all.

  • Adrayven

    They seem to have the technical patent in place.. They bought the company that invented the tech. Not sure about the design patent. If Samsung or Google does it different enough, they might still be able to copy.

    One thing though, if they do come out with this tech. I would want the option of allow more than just my own finger print. Spouse, maybe kid, etc.. something akin to a guest pass maybe?

    The nice thing about the old key lock, is you could share it if needed.

    Or maybe allow both options. Along key code but have Fingerprint for quick access for main user?

  • Moebius

    Something else you may want to think about, the new iCloud keychain that Apple introduced at WWDC. With this, when a person is authenticated (password, fingerprint), the OS will be able to fill-in passwords on any computer or device you use. You could also use your phone as a fingerprint scanner for your laptop.

    Oh, by the way, you could use this to pay for things also…