iPhone Case With Built-In Retractable Headphones



You just have to love the TurtleCell. First there’s the name, which conjures up images of hard-to-empty bowels. Then there’s the website, which manages to pack in plenty of Standard Infomercial Tropes: the cheesy, grinning model (usually either a family member or just the most photogenic person on the team, but never, ever a professional model), the overplayed example of the problem the product solves (in this case, an absurdly-tangled pair of earbuds) and even – yes, really – a sunglasses-wearing animal mascot in the product video.

It’s almost deliberately ridiculous. Oh, and the product is an iPhone case with built-in headphones.

Watch this now. It’s the best product video you will ever see (the first minute anyway):

And you know what? I started this post ready to ridicule the Turtlehead, uh, sorry, the TurtleCell. But now I want one. The slim-ish case with auto-retractable earbuds really does look handy, and a great way to avoid tangles. It’s just 6mm thick but has a 3-foot cable. And you can of course choose to pull the cord out only part way.

Finally, the folks behind the TurtleCell, Nick Turnbull and Paul Schrems, say that they have included high-quality earbuds in the case, which is good news.

The case will cost you $50, but its another Kickstarter (sorry) so there will be some patience involved. Maybe I’ll make an informercial about this, showing a bunch of people all waiting around for their Kickstarter projects to ship, while my awesome [insert product here] ships right away.

Source: TurtleCell
Thanks: Nick!

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4 responses to “iPhone Case With Built-In Retractable Headphones”

  1. Adrayven says:

    A different take on the earbud issue. I like my LG HBS-730 bluetooth headset. No cables. :D

  2. rigit_digit says:

    They’ve given the iPhone balls. lol. Sorry, I don’t see this going anywhere.

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