Wait Till You See How Little This Ruggedized iPad Mini Keyboard Case Costs



Reaction to this ruggedized, clamshell Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad mini must surely qualify as a “what the…?!” moment. Not because the New Trent Airbender Mini is ruggedized, and a keyboard, and a case, and a stand; but because it combines each of those sought-after elements for $40.

“What the…?!”

Yup. A rubberized exterior mitigates drops, the whole thing has plugs to seal up ports so water can’t enter (though it’s splashproof, not submersible) and there’s a stand at the back to prop the iPad mini up for viewing or when you’re typing.

Then there’s the Bluetooth-connected keyboard, which can rotate 360 degrees on an aluminum arm in landscape or portrait; it looks like you can even separate the two halves of the case. Oh, and it also comes with an integrated screen protector. All for $40.

Here’s a YouTube clip of the case in action.

Source: New Trent