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Bullet Hell ‘Bit.Trip Fate’ Hits The Mac App Store, Puts Commander Video On Rails



As the fifth and penultimate game in the indie-darling Bit.Trip series, Bit.Trip Fate has a lot to live up to. Originally released on Nintendo’s WiiWare platform and still part of Bit.Trip collections on the Wii and the 3DS, Bit.Trip Fate has finally, err, tripped its way over to the Mac App Store to join the other four games in the series already there on our favorite platform.

And we’re pretty darn happy about that.

The game features Commander Video, the iconic character of all the Bit.Trip games, in a side-scrolling, bullet-hell arcade game. Commander Video is connected to a twisty, turny rail of sorts, and surrounded by a shield sphere that slowly erodes as he comes into contact with obstacles, enemies, and–of course–bullets from all and sundry.

The object is to move Commander Video left and right upon the rail with the A and D key (or left and right arrows, if that’s your thing), while the gloomy, hellish environments and bad guys scroll on past. You’ll need to hold down the mouse button to shoot everyone you can, and you’ll run across power ups in the shape of other indie video game characters, like Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube, who will give Commander Video different and more powerful shooting patterns.

The chiptune/dubstep soundtrack by Minusbaby is of special mention here, as well. It’s well worth slapping on some headphones as you shoot all the things and chair dance while you’re doing so. Here, give it a listen:

In Bit.Trip Fate, you’ll face a variety of enemies and bosses along the way, provided you can get very far. Because Bit.Trip Fate, like most of the series, is difficult. Like, old-school arcade difficult, with all the masochism that implies. Fans of neo-classics like the brutal Super Meat Boy will love this installment in the Bit.Trip series.

The game is available on the Mac App Store, and is currently on sale on Steam, too, so choose your platform, download, and get all pixellated and retro!

Source: Mac App Store
Via: Gaijin Games