Ogio’s Gambit Is Perfect For Wandering An Irradiated Wasteland, Or Campus.




Ogio’s new Gambit backpack is the kind of pack I’d want to haul my gear in while wandering the radioactive desert wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas with. Heck, it’s even equipped with a padded, crushproof pocket called a “Tech Vault.”

The Gambit’s laptop compartment is one of those rare beasts able to house a 17-incher, even though Apple quit making its mammoth 17″ MBP a few years back.

Pockets galore: Four on each side, two of them large enough to fit a water bottle; one organizational pocket; a slot for your iPad; and a top zippered stash pocket for, well, your stash. That’s all in addition to the padded and lined Tech Vault.

The Gambit also seems built for travel. There’s its “Hybrid Unibody Backpanel,” which looks like some sort of suspension panel, and straps with thicker padding (which, frankly, never really works for me, but might for you). And the whole thing is festooned with foam panels to protect delicate contents.

The Gambit sells for $100 — pretty favorable when compared with other laptop-toting packs in this range, most of which are considerably less pocketed.

And don’t be fooled by the “COMING SOON” message plastered all over the Gambit’s image on Ogio’s site; the bag is available today.

Source: Ogio