Utter Stupidity: The iPhone 5S Will Be Delayed Because Of 4.3-Inch Display [“Rumor”]



Here’s a dumb rumor. According to a new report out of the East, the iPhone 5S is being delayed because Apple, at the last minute, decided to phase out the current 4-inch display for a 4.3-inch one.

Here’s what Bloomberg is saying:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) may delay the introduction of the iPhone 5S until the end of the year after the design was changed to feature a bigger 4.3-inch retina display screen, the Commercial Times reported.

The company previously scheduled the release for September or October, the Taiwanese newspaper reported, citing unidentified people in the semiconductor industry. Takashi Takebayashi, a spokesman for Apple in Tokyo, wasn’t immediately available to comment to Bloomberg News.

That’s because it’s nonsense. Apple’s S-series of iPhones always have a nearly identical form factor to the last generation. Apple’s not going to change that with the iPhone 5S. In addition, Apple’s not so stupid as to make a “last minute decision” to muck with a finished product, and they aren’t going to risk fragmenting their iOS market with a new screen size just a year after they made the screen on the iPhone 5 bigger. No way, no how.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Adrayven

    Agreed, not happening.. not with the iPhone 5S anyway.. Could with the 6, but I still say, if they up the size again, we may see an iPhone 4″ (Budget), iPhone Pro 4″, and iPhone Pro 4.7″(Whatever the size)

    Once they set that in, I don’t think thats going to change much.. that pretty much covers the stable screen sizes. Anything over 5″ is a phablit, and I think thats not something Apple will get into.. for awhile anyway.

    I really think they will follow the naming scheme they went with MacBooks or something similar to differentiate the lines.. We may even see the numbering system go away.. They seem to be going that way. It works well for the Macbook lines..

    When I sold my old Macbook, I just denoted the year, i.e. Macbook Pro 13″ (2010), etc…

  • MrsCleaver

    The utter stupidity is to report on a rumor, and then call it utter stupidity. It’s looking like this site should be called Cult of Rumors.

  • richardbjorn

    Igzo display with minimal bezel would make it pretty possible with almost identical design. iOS 7 will take care of fragmentation. Anyway, I hope they end the stupid S-branding once they start using liquid metal. They can’t reinvent their design forever.