Airfoil Remote: Control Airfoil For Mac From Your iPhone Or iPad



One of my most-used Mac apps is Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil, a utility which hijacks the audio from any app you like and pipes it to your AirPlay speakers. It synced audio and video over AirPlay before Apple added the feature (back when it was called AirTunes), and is a great way to send the same music to every one of the stack of wireless speakers I’m testing at any one time (it’s like a bad disco in here).

Now, there is Airfoil Remote, which lets you control Airfoil for Mac from your iPhone.

Why not just stream straight from your iPhone to your speakers? You should – if you only have one speaker. But Airplay on iOs can’t send to multiple destinations simultaneously, so now you can do that from your Mac and control it from the phone in your pocket.

You can switch speakers on and off, and control their volume independently. You can even switch sources, skipping between Rdio, Spotify, iTunes or – well, pretty much anything that plays sound on your Mac.

The app is also Universal, so you can run it right there from your iPad, perhaps as you sit in a revolving leather chair stroking a too-furry white cat.

One note. If you previously used an app called Reemote to do the same thing, you can ditch it. Rogue Amoeba bought Reemote and now its server software is built into the Mac app. And don’t forget to update Airfoil for Mac to v4.8 to use it all.

Airfoil Remote is $5.

Source: Rogue Amoeba

Source: iTunes

Via: Twitter