The SLXtreme 5 Must Be The Most Adventure-Loving Case System Ever Made



Some cases bring battery backup with them, others are waterproof. One or two allow you to charge your iPhone with energy from the sun.

The Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhone 4 case does all three, and now it’s coming to the iPhone 5 and iPad.

The SLXtreme 5 rattles off an impressive set of attributes: It’s waterproof to six feet, has auxiliary power from a 2300 mAh battery (just about as big as iPhone case batteries get), and a backside solar panel for emergency power.

The iPad version of the case is waterproof to the same depth, but carries an absolutely massive 10200 mAh battery and forgoes a solar panel — probably because a small panel wouldn’t gather enough energy in a week to make an iPad even twitch, and a large panel would be too cost-prohibitive. The case will be compatible with all iPads from the 2 forward.

Just like the Lifeproof cases, Snow Lizard is going to augment the SLXtreme cases with a supporting cast of accessories, like a bike mount, belt clip and chest mount; not quite as complete an accessory list as the Lifeproof line, but not a bad start.

Both the iPad case and the iPhone 5 case will be available this fall, with the iPhone 5 version priced at $130 and the iPad version costing $150 (with integrated battery) or $100 (without).



  • PeterHamill

    Where to start? ….Let’s try from the beginning…. Once upon a time I helped back the start of this project via KickStarter. I was a high roller, too! I dropped 5 grand to back the original SLXtreme for iPhone 4 and 4S. In return I received 100 cases(eventually). I even won SnowLizard’s contest and got to name this product!!!!! Well….. The original production was late, pushed back, late again and very much delayed from it’s original supposed release date. When the first wave got to me it was flawed and very much defective. So more waiting ensued. When the second wave finally got to me, it was still riddled with problems. Yet the problems this time around weren’t discussed or discovered until it was way too late!!! The supposed second/final wave was the wave I choose my personal case from. I picked a Black SLX because i matched everything, was somewhat discreet and made me look thinner. I had been using the case on and off for about 2 weeks and everything was just peachy! That was until I took my iPhone intertubing. Where I had previously fully submerged this case, taken it in the pool, also to the beach and the occasional sprint through the parking lot in the rain… somehow someway the son-of-a-gun sprung a leak and DESTROYED my iPhone! All while simply setting on my stomach, barely in any water, as I floated down the river. The once gracious customer support at SnowLizard completely turned their backs on me! Even after dropping $5000 with them and waiting sooooo much longer than stated, they couldn’t/wouldn’t replace my iPhone! Never have I felt so deserted. I was left with a soggy iPhone and a stock pile of cases that I no longer felt right selling to recoup my investment. All I’m saying is BEWARE!