GameAgent’s Helpful Mac Match Can Now Forecast Whether Or Not Your Mac Can Run Mavericks



For those of you eager to know whether or not your aging Mac will be able to run Mavericks, the new version of OS X due out in a few months, Aspyr has enlisted the Mac Match feature on its GameAgent site to help you out.

Mac Match is usually employed to try to figure out whether your Mac will be able to effectively run games sold on GameAgent. But the Aspyr team have now feed it what they’re calling “a good speculative profile of system requirements” so it can predict whether your machine will be happy on the new OS, or rebel.

It’s pretty easy, too — just head over to the Mavericks page on GameAgent and the Mac Match feature should automatically figure out your system profile. If not, you can input the specifics yourself.

As Aspyr’s GameAgent blog states, Mac Match can only guess whether or not your Mac will be able to run Mavericks. But it’s an educated guess, based on info already out in the wild.