Spendee Is The iPhone Budgeting App That You’ll Actually Want To Use



Spendee looks like the kind of finance-tracking app I might actually use: It’s dead simple, great looking and works great with cash. It even has a nice flat design that’ll be at home in iOS 7 – although that icon will have to go — it’s 100% Forstallian.

The app doesn’t bother with credit cards or hooking up to your bank. Instead you just tap in what you spent your money on and it’ll build some handy graphs and pie-charts telling you where it all went. But despite all the care that has gone into these graphs (and the fact that you can export all your data), the main focus is on capture.

Adding a new transaction is fast. Launch, tap “add new,” enter amount, choose category. That’s it if you like, but you can also snap photo of a receipt or add much more detail, as well as adding frequently-used transactions and even automatic debits (I think so anyway – haven’t found this last one yet.

So far I like it a lot. It’s simple yet powerful, has everything I need, and doesn’t require that I give it a log in to my bank account. Not that I’ll have a bank account for much longer the way the Euro is going.

Best of all, you can start your new budget-minded lifestyle right now, because Spendee is free for the first few days after launch.

Source: iTunes
Thanks: Matej!