Case Makes iPad Mini Look Like A Rusted-Out Piece Of Junk



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This incredible piece of poetry is not in fact a finely-honed chunk of verse, but just a clumsy machine translation from Google. Or is it? Perhaps Google’s vast and distributed computer brain has attained consciousness and turned itself into a soft, wooly-brained artist? If so, the nerds at Google are gonna be pissed.

The text above is also the description of a set of rusty cases for the iPad Mini, straight from the Bird Online Shop.

The cases are made from polycarbonate with a printed pattern, covering the back of the iPad in a photo-realistic rust effect. It’s pretty cool, and the site also has a freely-downloadable screen wallpaper to match. Should you want one, it’ll cost you ¥3,980, or around $40 (plus shipping from Japan).

Source: Bird

  • joewaylo

    Why would you buy one, besides making it less appealing to steal?

  • MrsCleaver

    Too bad Bird doesn’t offer an English translation on their site. Otherwise, non-Japanese speaking people like me might be interested in their other interesting-looking items.