Marco Arment’s New App Bugshot Is For Marking Up Screenshots



Remember how simple Skitch used to be before Evernote bought it and ran it through its UI-mangling machine? So does Instapaper’s Marco Arment, which is why he made Bugshot, an app whose “sole purpose is dealing with screenshots better.”

Bugshot sifts your screenshots from the rest of your pictures and lets you annotate them with big orangey-red arrows and shapes. The idea is that you use it to highlight UI glitches in apps and send these annotations to the developer in your bug report. Hence the name, Bugshot. I expect that it’ll come in useful for other things too – I can already see myself quickly firing up Bugshot to add an arrow to a map, for example.

You can mail and Tweet these pictures, or send them via Facebook or message, or just save them to your camera roll.

The Bugshot icon has a good story, too. Marco says that it was a “rendering bug from an early version of the rectangle-drawing code.” which he liked so much he decided to keep around as the icon – a happy accident indeed.

Source: Marco
Via: iTunes