‘Anomaly 2’ Gets New Multiplayer Map, Options, Low Price On Steam


anomaly 2

So, if you haven’t played Anomaly 2, yet, now is the time to check it out, as it’s a brilliant and fun real-time tower defense and offense game with gorgeous graphics and delightful head-to-head multiplayer action.
You can grab the new update for free, or–if you haven’t gotten the game, yet–grab a copy for only $7.49 on Steam right now. Seriously, a game this good for under eight bucks? Why are you still here?

The update is called Philip’s Puzzle, which contains a brand new PvP (player vs player) Multiplayer map and some sweet customization options when setting up the battle. You can restrict the opponents to lower resources, or boost them up with all the goodies and cash they can handle.

11 Bit Studios caused a bit of a stir when it initially released this game for pre-order, not letting anyone in on the title or type of game. Of course, once we found out out it was a Mac, PC, and Linux sequel to the studio’s iOS hit Anomaly Warzone series, we were excited to only have to pay $15 for it.

And now it can be yours for less than a pricey beer at some high-falutin’ bar in an urban area. The update adds new features to the single player game, as well.

Head on over to Steam to grab this fantastic Mac game for a sweet little price, and give that multiplayer a try, why don’t you?

Source: Steam

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