Tangent Adds Geometric Patterns To Your iPhone Photos



Tangent is a new iPhone app for dickering with your photos. It comes from Ben Guerrette, the brains behind Deco Sketch for the iPhone and iPad, and it is similar in intent. Tangent overlays geometrical patterns onto your photo, and then lets you adjust them.

Launch the app and snap/open a photo and you’ll find yourself in a quick-start section. From here you can flip through various presets, but the real work is to be done in the main app. Here you can adjust the shapes of the overlays, along with their patterns and orientation. You can lay down some halftone dots, or the triangular prism from Dark Side of the Moon, or add graduated filters, colors and more. You can also combine shapes and everything else, and then share to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a rather specialized app, and it really goes in deep. You could lose hours to this, especially if you start shooting your images with Tangent’s talents in mind. I’m usually not a fan of this kind of thing, preferring a more natural approach to editing. But I’m keeping this one in my iPhone’s photo app folder for now.

Tangent is $1, and has two $1 in-app purchases for more patterns and filters (you can try them before you buy). Available now.

Source: Tangent
Thanks: Ben!