Fray Fix Fixes Frayed MagSafe Cables



Fray Fix is my favorite kind of gadget: cheap, simple, and completely single-minded. And it doesn’t even have any stupid CamelCasing or vowel movements in its name. What is it? A protector for the power cable on your MagSafe brick.

You know the power plugs you get on home appliances? The ones which come with a kind of woven web or reinforcement at their roots? The Fray Fix adds that to the MagSafe’s fragile cable where it exits the power brick on its way to bring delicious electron-charged juice to your MacBook.

The device consists of a silicone band and the aforementioned reinforced funnel. To fit it… Well, let’s just say that once it’s on you won’t want to take it off. No matter, though, as the Fray Fix costs just $10, so you can put one on all of your power bricks (as long as they have the slim MagSafe tip.

And before we go, just one more word on the fitting of this protective sheath. Take a look at this still from inventor Kirk Abrigo’s how-to video. It’s a picture of lotion, gel and baby oil, collected together with Q-tips, wire, pliers (!) and sundry other torture items, uh, I mean tools. I’m not sure about you, but this reminds me more of a serial killer TV show than a product demo.

Source: Fray Fix

  • rigit_digit

    amen to this product. thanks for sharing charlie.