10-Year Anniversary Sale For Knights Of The Old Republic On iPad And Mac




Obviously, the 10-year-old Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic has stood the test of time — and then some — if we’re still playing it today (and we are, in part thanks to its recent iPad port).

Now, almost ten years to the day after its debut on the Xbox in 2003 (it debuted on the PC later that year and on OS X in 2004), both the iPad and Mac versions are on sale.

Aspyr, the publisher behind the Apple versions of the game, even scored an interesting interview with James Ohlen, the game’s lead designer.

“I thought we managed to pull off a twist that almost had the same impact as when Darth Vader revealed to Luke that he was his father. We used The Sixth Sense as a guide for how a good twist was pulled off,” Ohlen says in the interview.

Both the games are half off, making each version $5; but registering at Aspyr’s GameAgent site will further cut the price of the game to $2.50.

Here’s a question: Would a Jedi be more likely to use an iPad, an Android Tablet, or a Windows Surface?

Source: Aspyr


  • markymac

    I see Luke using an iPad because it’s all about cutting through the BS and just enjoy a simple life.

    Since Han likes to make “special modifications” himself Android will be his tablet of choice (of course he’ll root it).

    Leia’s into pretty colors so she’ll use the Windows Tablet but will secretly glance over at Luke’s iPad wishing she’d listen to her brother more often but wants to set her own path.