Why Steve Jobs Would Have Hated This Inexplicably Stupid Samsung Ad [Video]


Check out the inexplicable Samsung ad above. A weirdo sitting in a barren landscape, giggling at apples, as a synthesizer farts. Then, suddenly, he does a weird dance with Ninjas. Hey, don’t you want to buy a Galaxy S4 now?

It’s completely stupid, and Steve Jobs would have hated it. How do you know? Because legendary Apple ad man Ken Segall says he would have. Here’s why: Steve didn’t want his ad companies huffing the paint thinner.

Over on his blog, Segall explains how Steve felt about weird, “creative” ads, after telling a French ad partner that he hated the billboards they were making. Why?

Looking at the entire assembled group, he said, “Listen. You probably don’t want to hear this, but — I don’t want you guys to be too creative.”

The room was stunned, considering that Apple was a creative company, this was a creative meeting and most had traveled great distances to attend. Steve went on to explain. “We work really hard to create great campaigns here, so Apple has one voice around the world. We don’t need you to create new ads, we need you to do a great job of adapting our campaigns for your countries.”

One voice around the world. That’s it right there, isn’t it? Apple has it, and Samsung doesn’t. No wonder Samsung seems so schizophrenic.

Source: Ken Segall

  • heybutch1

    Wow. That advert is THE stupidest thing ever! It’s zero about the product and all about everything else, Apple, brand identification, bulls&^t etc. If you’ve got nothing to say, use monkeys or some catchy dancers I guess

    At least Apple ads stay true to the product, the functionality and the core beliefs!

  • Stuka_UK

    What do you expect from the Icelandic? They’re all bonkers.