Facebook For iOS Now Verifies Celebrities And Brands, Just Like Twitter



Facebook for iPhone and iPad has been updated to introduce verified celebrities, public figures, and brands. Just like on Twitter, verified accounts will have a blue check mark next to their names, so now you’ll know for certain whether that guy you’ve been talking to really is Justin Bieber.

There are a lot of fake or parody accounts on social networks like Facebook, and while many of them are harmless, others aren’t so innocent. Some Facebook pages have been known to ask for personal details for an “early glimpse at the iPhone 6,” or for a certain number of likes for giveaways that never actually happen.

With verified accounts, you know immediately whether the profile or page you’re looking at is genuine, because it’ll have a blue check mark. And if it doesn’t, it’s probably not really Apple that has “too many iPads that need to be given away.”

Take a look at my search for Jay-Z below. There is a long list of accounts trying to pass themselves off as the real Jazzy, but only one of them has the blue check mark.


In addition to verified accounts, the new Facebook update also brings improved places editing to fix categories, phone numbers, and other info on iPad; and a fix for a problem that was causing News Feed to load slowly for some people.

You can download the update from the App Store now.

Source: App Store