Specifics HD: Gesture-Based Note App Mixes Notes, Drawings And Photos In Ultra-Simple Interface



Quick, grab your ice skates: we’re going for a spin on the frosted lakes of Hell. Yes, that Hell. Why? Because the App Store just recommended me an app that’s actually good. It’s called Specifics HD, and it’s a note-taking task manager.

Specifics has several neat and unique features. The first is that when you create a new note you can either type on it or draw on it. Both are equal citizens. You can also add a photo and scrawl on it, but once you have started on the whole pictures thing you can’t add any text.

The other great feature is the interface. The main screen has three “columns:” Today, This Week and Any Day. To create a new note in a column, you swipe down and the new note appears. Title it, add notes/pictures/drawings and then hit “back.” You can grab the notes in the list view and drag them between columns.

There are two other screens, one to either side of this main one. To the right are the categories. The defaults are Work and Personal, but you can add more. Tasks can be dragged between these various groups.

The third screen is settings, where you can see your completed tasks plus any overdue tasks, and also add new Groups. And that’s about it.

The app also syncs with Evernote, which means you can access your notes from anywhere (although notes created inside Evernote don’t appear to sync back to Specifics).

I can’t see myself using this app as a general task manager, but it might be great for specific projects And if it could sync notes with the Reminder app then it would really be awesome. That’s unlikely, though, as it wouldn’t work with pictures, which is one of the best features.

As it is, Specifics HD is a really fresh take on iPad notetaking, one which uses the touch interface very well. It’s simple and straighforward, and good looking (it wouldn’t be out of place in iOS 7), and it only costs $2. Go take a look.

Source: Eltima Software
Source: iTunes