Mobile Apps Are As Addictive As Cigarettes



Auction giant eBay conducted an informal little experiment for the App Store’s fifth anniversary yesterday, to see whether people could survive O.K. without apps. Yeah, you’ve already guessed the answer.

Out of the 200 app-happy people eBay asked to abstain for four days, a third weren’t able to make it; eBay says that one of the participants even compared it with quitting smoking, which is interesting when combined with the test’s discovery that using apps made people feel significantly calmer and happier.

eBay cooked up a little infographic to illustrate the experiment’s results.




  • Wirehedd

    I’m sorry but a headline saying something as idiotic and ridicule worthy as a comparative between the death causing addiction to nicotine that causes hundreds of thousands a year to die and applications on a phone shows either the stupidity of the headline’s original writer or the utter idiocy of the pool of respondants to this supposed survey.

    Sorry, I’ve known a few people who’ve died from lung cancer and this comparison is stupid to the point of being offensive.

    I can envision a gap toothed imbecile at a keyboard guffawing “hyuck, hyuck… them thar folk’ll thank they’s gonna get aydickiedeed to sagretts from them thar ‘puter phone things.”

  • jmtphx

    Carrots ‘as addictive as cigarette smoking’

    “EATING raw carrots may be as addictive as cigarette smoking, and every bit as difficult to give up, according to research on people who develop serious cravings for the vegetable.”

    So your saying I can become addicted to cigarettes by eating carrots, OMG.

    I’m sorry but dismissing the analogy of the addictiveness of one item compared to one of the more commonly known addictive substances is idiotic and ridicule worthy.

    People understand cigarette addiction, most people know someone who has attempted to quit smoking and failed. They can relate to a statement comparing the addictiveness of cigarettes to another substance, it just makes sense.

    Your unfortunate loss related to the side affects from the use of cigarettes does not diminish the analogy that many would make by saying apps or carrots are as addictive as cigarettes.