Get Password Suggestions Using iCloud Keychain And Safari In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]


iCloud Keychain Mavericks

AutoFill has been a part of OS X and Apple’s browser, Safari, for a while now. When you fill out forms on the web, Safari will prompt you to use your contact info to fill in the form, or to use the form data you entered as your AutoFill information. This is helpful as you fill out a lot of web forms, of course.

Now, in OS X Mavericks beta, Safari has a new trick up its sleeve, with the ability to suggest secure passwords to you, and then saving them for you when you go back to that site. It’s called iCloud Keychain, and here’s how to set it up.

First, launch your System Preferences app on your Mac, provided you have OS X Mavericks beta set up on it. Next, click on the iCloud preferences icon to bring up the iCloud prefs.

Now, in the list to the right, click on Keychain to check the box next to it. You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID passwrod here. If you already have stored passwords in your iCloud Keychain, you’ll then have the option to restore them with a security code, or start anew. I reset mine.

Now, head to Safari, and pull up a website that needs a password upon sign up. I went to, because I haven’t gotten an account there, yet. Sign in with your information, and then when you click in the password field, Safari will pop up a message asking if you want to use a Safari-suggested password. Click on the supplied password if you want to use it, and Safari will AutoFill it into the password field on the website.

Now, you can skip having to create secure passwords on your own, and let Safari — and the iCloud Keychain — keep track of it for you.

  • Hawk_Ky

    Anyone having issues activating keychains? When I check the box in iCloud settings, I enter my password, and a blank window comes down, but nothing ever loads. I have to force quit System Preferences to get out of it.

  • Lube

    Articles like this that just explain how the feature is supposed to work really annoy me. I wouldn’t be searching for or reading articles like this if the feature were working like it is supposed to. It is supposed to be intuitive, so why would I need an article like this to explain it?

    If you are going to explain the obvious, at least also include what can be done if Safari doesn’t offer a secure password when it should. Is there not a way to request a secure password that you can copy and paste into the field, for example?