Wall Street Thinks Apple Is In For A Flat Quarter



If you’re expecting another record quarter for Apple, you might be the only one. According to Fortune, most of Wall Street expects Apple to barely grow at all year-over-year in fiscal Q2.

Right now, 35 Wall Street analysts are reporting a median expectation of Apple to announce $35.02 billion in revenues in the previous quarter. And that’s not great:

That’s an interesting number, because $35.02 billion happens to be precisely what Apple reported in the same quarter last year. In other words, Apple’s revenue growth year over year would be zero.

Our panel of independent analysts is, as usual, somewhat more bullish. The median revenue number from the 17 indies we’ve heard from is $36.16 billion.

Without a new batch of iPads to boost Q2 sales, Apple was always going to have a smaller-than-usual growth in Q2. Hopefully, though, with new iPhones and iPads due in September, Apple can make up for this lack of growth in Q4. Fingers crossed.

Source: Fortune