hŌld Holds Your iPad Up With Plastic Tacos [Kickstarter]



hŌld is an orange plastic taco for your iPAd which makes it a lot easier to hold. Instead of having to grip the thing the whole time, risking a broken wrist from the Retina iPad’s monstrous bulk, you can kind of let it hang on your fingers. And it even works with your Smart Cover attached.

The hŌld is a Kickstarter project from Raef Brisbin and his Amazing Performing Eyebrows. It’s a shell-style case with five thin brackets on the back (disguised somewhat by swishy lines). The taco clips onto these brackets and gives you a place to put your fingers, letting the iPad hang from your hand instead of having to grip it.

You can even use two tacos for double-hand holding. The price for the standard model is $40, with an estimated delivery date of December (when you’ll probably have a new-shaped iPad anyway).

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Heather!