Sennheiser Shrinks Its Exalted Momentum Earphones, Drops Price, Dresses Them Up in Pretty Pastels




Sennheiser must have thought what I thought: That their amazing-sounding Momentum headphones perhaps appeared a tad too Teutonically severe (in the case of the red-and-black version) or stuffy (in the case of the brown version) to appeal to everyone (read: women).

So the Germanic, family-run company gave the Momentum a big fashion makeover, dressing them up in three soft pastels — pink, blue, green — with a fourth in a chic ivory-earthy combo.

These new guys are called the Momentum On-Ear — which means, as you might have guessed from the name, that they’re also smaller than the original Momentums. Sennheiser also shrunk the price: The new Momentums are $230, a big drop from the big Momentum’s hefty $350 tag.

Hmmm…besides its dreamy sound-quality, a huge blessing of the big Momentum is that it’s such a fantastically comfortable set; the real question is whether or not that advantage isn’t lost by the mini Momentum’s altered on-the-ear position. On the other hand, the Momentums aren’t the easiest set to carry around; the smaller version might just fix that.

The Momentum On-Ear will be available later this month.