Brave New World, Second Civilization V Expansion Pack, Launches Today




Today sees the release of the Mac version of Civilization V’s Brave New World, the original title’s second expansion pack, following last year’s Gods and Kings expansion.

And it’s being released right alongside its PC version twin, also released today — which means multiplayer is gleefully cross-platform.

Reviews are already throwing heaps of praise on the expansion, which adds a bunch of new game concepts: A World Congress greatly ups the importance of city-states, international trade routes can be cultivated and there’s a new path to victory, via culture.

There’re also a ton of new nations like Brazil and the Zulu (hau!), and new units like the archaeologist. There’s (finally) even an American Civil War scenario.

Brave New World is $30 whether you buy it on Steam or as an in-app purchase (through Civ 5) from Apple.