Leaked Benchmarks Show A New MacBook Pro Is Coming



Although Apple beefed up the MacBook Air line at WWDC last month with new ultrabooks packing Intel’s Haswell processors, they have yet to upgrade the venerable MacBook Pro with the same technology. That’s a bummer, because Haswell can greatly improve battery life without sacrificing speed… surely the kind of tech you’d want in a Retina MacBook Pro.

We still don’t know when we’ll see the MBP line updated, but it’s looking like it might be happening soon, with new benchmark results for a next-gen 15-inch MacBook Pro popping up on a community benchmarking site.

The new MacBook Pro packs the identifier “AAPLJ45,1” and while it’s not clear if it’s retina or low-res, it packs a Haswell processor: namely, a Core i7-4950HQ running at 2.4GHz, along with Intel’s Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics.

Overall, the benchmark shows performance about the same as the current MacBook Pro. But Haswell’s strength isn’t in clock cycles, it’s about gently sipping battery life, and it’s possible that the new MacBook Pros running Haswell will boast the same incredible longevity as the new MacBook Airs: 12 hour battery life. That’s the dream fulfilled, right there.

Source: Geekbench
Via: Reddit