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PUPS: Batch Upload Photos To Your Blog’s Media Library From Your iPhone



Do you snap pictures for your blog using your iPhone, and then do the actual blog writing on your Mac? Or some other combination of devices? Then PUPS is for you. It’s a new iPhone app from the makers of crash-happy blogging app Blogsy, and it has one purpose – to upload pictures from your iDevice to your blog’s media library.

Back when I used my iPad for all my work (I now mostly use a Mac, but the iPad is steel fine when I travel – I stopped because of gorilla arm trouble, and not because of problems with the iPad “workflow”) I really wanted something like this. Until the excellent Poster app came along, uploading images was a royal pain in the ass.

PUPS lets you take any pictures from your iPhone’s photo library and upload them alone or in batches. You can resize images, change the titles and add multiple blogs (most major platforms are supported, including self-hosted WordPress like we use at Cult of Mac).

Once done, the embed code of the uploaded images is e-mailed to you so you can add them to your post directly. This is pretty great as it means you can write your posts in editors which don’t support uploading to your particular blog platform. And you can also view a history of your uploads and re-send the embed code.

I can see a future using IFTTT and these embed-code e-mails to automatically create ready-to-edit posts in Dropbox.

Pups is iPhone-only, but can be run pixel-doubled on the iPhone It costs just $1 and is available now.

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