Target Is Giving Away Free iTunes Money With Purchase Of Apple Products [Deals]



Do you like free money? Who doesn’t like free money? And free apps, music and movies are essentially free money.

So listen up: Target is now giving away free iTunes gift cards with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iPod touch. Buying an iPad will get you a $50 gift card, an iPad mini a $40 gift card, an iPhone 5 will get you a $25 gift card, an iPod touch a $20 gift card, and an Apple TV a $10 gift card.

Not shabby!

Via: App Advice

  • johnbyui

    I thought that it was target not iTunes gift cards?

  • Foxjordan

    I work at Target. We are not, nor have we ever given away iTunes gift cards with purchase. We often give out Target gift cards with purchases in our weekly ad cycles, and this week that does include many Apple purchases. So no, no iTunes cards, but you can buy an iTunes card with your Target gift card.