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Last iPhone 3G in South San Francisco Goes to Microsoft Guy — Are iPhones Selling Out?



UPDATED: See comment below.

The very last iPhone 3G at the Stonestown store in south San Francisco was just sold to a guy in a Microsoft shirt!

I’m currently at the Apple store in the Stonestown mall, posting from an in-store computer.

I came down to pick up an iPhone 3G, but the last phone was just sold to this guy in a Microsoft shirt. WTF!

The guy, who is very nice, asked me not to use his name in case he gets into trouble at work. He is a trainer for Microsoft Microsoft trainer who works for a third party company.

Staff here at the Apple store say they have no idea when — or even if — they will get new stock of the iPhone 3G.

The concierge is sending people upstairs to a new AT&T store that is apparently taking preorders. The concierge says there’s likely a 21 day wait however.

I phoned other nearby stores in Sand Francisco and Burlingame, but they are sold out also.

As Lonnie reports below, iPhones are available at only one in four stores, and Piper analyst Gene Munster thinks it will take Apple a month to restock.


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32 responses to “Last iPhone 3G in South San Francisco Goes to Microsoft Guy — Are iPhones Selling Out?”

  1. Scott says:

    Don’t think MIcrosoft employees need phones too? Which phone would you suggest? A windows mobile device? Urgh.

  2. jalarmo says:

    That’s what you call a “career limiting move” — work as a Microsoft trainer and get famous for snapping up an iPhone.

    Maybe Microsoft is financing the purchase of all the iPhones in the world so it can have them thrown into a volcano and declared a failure?

  3. Mister RK says:

    shouldn’t you put a black bar over his face or something?

  4. slappy says:

    Errr, he’s getting it so that they can take it apart and copy it. What other reason could it be? ;-)

  5. macandal says:

    Stonestown Mall is in San Francisco, not South San Francisco. South SF is a different city in a different county than San Francisco. Perhaps what you wanted to say was that the mall is in the southern part of San Francisco. (Just a correction in the interest of accuracy.)

  6. Thomas says:

    Dang, a few months ago I lived exactly 3 blocks from the Stonesown mall. I could of been there before anyone else, and just have friends get stuff for me when i needed it.

    Oh well, now I live in a 3g-less area anyway,so what’s the point?

    Also, might want to blur, pixelate, or black bar the guys face. I’m sure some (gasp!) M$ employees read this blog.


  7. Ann Nonymous says:

    Change the name of your website, there is not one mac article. It is all iPhone, all the time…

  8. tervorblanco says:

    Nice job getting that guy fired. You should have blurred out his face. You know Ballmer doesn’t allow MS employees to have iPods or his kids to have one. They can’t use Google either. Sheesh, this guy should have known better than to wear a MS shirt anyways. That’s Blog fodder right there.

  9. Neil Anderson says:

    I think the guy would be happier working for Apple anyway.

  10. Russ says:

    Something more for Steve Balmer to shout about!

    Thanks for the heads up about hitting the AT&T store to get on the list for the next shipment…I wandered into the Geary Street AT&T store in San Francisco and ordered my new 3G phone today. It took 5 minutes with a very savvy AT&T rep to get the 16 GB phone purchased. She made a point of saying that the phone will arrive in 7-21 days, but I got the feeling it would be sooner. Hopefully activation goes smoothly.

  11. veggiedude says:

    Yup, it is true. I live in South San Francisco but Stonestown is not here. It is the forth town south of the City (Daly City, Brisbane, and Colma are all in the way).

  12. johnandrew says:

    hahaha that’s my brother. f@ck microsoft! team mac!!!

  13. Not MS says:


    I’m the guy in the pic you ran into while I was on my way out of the store. Although this pic was taken all in good fun, I must correct you and tell you I DO NOT work directly for MS, but actually for a 3rd party marketing company. I did also mention my face was NOT to be shown in the pic. Please kindly blockout my face as I do not want to lose my job over it. I would really appreciate it.


  14. Y Momma says:

    Hey that’s my cousin!!! Way to go!!!
    Tripllllllle Cheeeeeezburger!!!

  15. charli says:

    dude, if your company is that tight, get a new job. seriously.

  16. josh says:

    Hey, does anybody got a photo of “Stevie Ballmire” himself picking up an iPhone? I’m sure he does.